Important deadlines:

  • General entry form: 15.04.2023
  • Quantitative entry form: 20.04.2023
  • Payment Deadline: 20.05.2023
  • Individual entry form: 20.06.2023
  • Travel plan: 20.06.2023





Participation and EUSA fees information 

The Participation fee is 75€ / person / night.

EUSA/Entry fees is 50 € / person, with discounted fee of 40€ / person for Associated universities.
How, When, and to Who should I pay?

1 - You must pay a deposit (which will be deducted to the participation costs) to EUSA bank account as soon as you submit the General Entry Form:

300,00 EUR / team: Karate, Judo, Taekwondo, Kickboxing

2 - You have to pay the (remaining) participation fees to the Organising Committee after submitting your Quantitative Entry Form, with the deadline 2 months before the event.

3 - You have to pay an entry fee to EUSA, with the deadline 2 months before the event.