EUSA representatives in inspection visit of Zagreb for upcoming Combat championships

The city of Zagreb, Croatia will host the European Universities Combat Sports Championship in 2023. The event will take place in July, from 20-23, including competitions in taekwondo, judo, karate and kickboxing. 

On 28 of October, EUSA Sports Manager Mr Miha Zvan and Mr Mariano Carcatella, Assistant Sports Manager, did an inspection visit in Zagreb together with Technical Delegates of the designated sports, Mr Wieslaw Black, TD in Judo, Mr Romeo Desa, TD in Kickboxing, Mr Nuri Shirali, TD in Taekwondo and Mr Luka Pozgaj, TD in Karate. The representatives of EUSA did the inspection visit in order to evaluate the readiness of the Organizing Committee and the facilities which will host the European Universities Combat Championships in July.

The Organisational Committee was represented by Mr Nikola Vicentic, Sports Director of the Croatian Academic Sports Federation, Mr Marko Lepoglavec and Mr Mate Vuksic from UniSport Zagreb and Mr Ivan Segedi, Dean for Quality of the Faculty of Sports, from University of Zagreb.

The inspection visit lasted one day and included various visits to different sports venues that will be used in the European Universities Championship in Combat Sports in 2023.
Both EUSA representatives and OC team went to inspection visit in Hall Kutija Sibica, which will be the hosting hall to the athletes competing in Taekwondo. The inspection visit consisted of evaluating the state and condition of the venue, the space it offers, and discussions related to the organisational plans of the Taekwondo competition.

The hosting potential of the Sports Hall Bojan Stranic, where the competition of Karate will take place, was also evaluated and discussed. 

Next on the agenda was the Hall Dom Sportova, where the competition in Judo will take place. 

Inspection of the venue for the competition in Kickboxing was also made. The athletes will be competing and hosted by the Hall of Kinezioloski Fakultet in Zagreb.  

EUSA Representatives and Technical Delegates, together with the team of the Organizational Committee, did an inspection visit of the dormitories and catering area, as well as the GTM Room, Accreditation Centre and EUSA Offices. 

The Inspection Visit was then concluded with the Final Meeting, where the present representatives discussed impressions, potential fields of improvement as well as final details around each Combat competition.

EUSA Sports Manager and Technical Delegates thanked the OC for the great inspection visit and congratulated the good preparations while highlighting the great potential that Zagreb showed as multiple times host of this championship.